Agentless, AI-Powered, No Code IT Automation

Simplify IT Management

Simplify tasks, eliminate complications, and revolutionize your IT Service Delivery. Leverage Sigma's Automation capabilities to streamline and support your IT needs.

Empower IT Operations

Reduce errors and misconfigurations, interact with systems in real time at scale, and automate your infrastructure with a single platform.

Improve Security & Efficiency

From Sigma's modern interface to its utilization of Artificial Intelligence, we're committed to staying at the forefront of technology trends.


Manage Virtual Machines at scale 

Sigma streamlines the creation, deployment, management and logging of virtual machines. From AI script creation and software deployments at scale, to Security Benchmarking and Configuration Management, leverage the ability to select multiple objects simultaneously to manage your systems at scale. 

Enable Artifical Intelligence and ITSM integration to enrich your automation experience and improve change management compliance.   

Gather useful metrics from the dashboard

A one stop shop for the alerts in your connected Compute, EUC, and Network environments.

✓ S
ummary of alerts in your connected environments
✓ AI-enabled alert troubleshooting
System up/down summary

✓ Host, cluster, and general resource utilization charts


Take Control of your Infrastructure  

Automation helps executing processes consistently, reducing the likelihood of human error that can arise from manual interventions. As organizations grow, their infrastructure also expands. Sigma’s automation capabilities enable streamlined scaling without overwhelming administrative teams. 

Sigma’s AI integration capabilities mark a significant advancement in system management and infrastructure automation. The technology combines the power of artificial intelligence and orchestration to streamline various aspects of system management, including script generation and information on running processes in the environment at scale.

Build Automation at Scale

An automated wizard to create, customize,
configure and build virtual machines at scale.

Speed up server deployments
✓ Automate post deployment configuration installs
✓ Streamline Virtual Machine builds
✓ Integrate with your ITSM environments


Gain Advanced Configuration Visibility   

Enabling advanced configuration capabilities at scale is a cornerstone in the realm of automation. In the intricate and dynamic landscape of modern IT infrastructure, the ability to comprehensively perceive the configuration details of numerous interconnected components is paramount. 

Sigma empowers you to not only orchestrate tasks and deployments efficiently, but also to increase accuracy, security, and compliance across the entire system. The capacity to delve deep into configurations offers a holistic understanding that underpins informed decision-making, troubleshooting, and proactive optimization. 

Modify Configuration at Scale

A simple interface to modify hardware, software and security configurations at scale.

Speed up server troubleshooting
✓ Security compliance scans at scale
✓ Expedite Virtual Machine patch deployments
✓ ITSM change management integration